Citi Bike, a privately owned, public bicycle-sharing system, has been deemed a popular transportation mode in New York over the years since its inception. Citi Bike was opened on May 27, 2013 — having 332 initial stations with 6,000 bicycles.

Upon looking into the publicly available data of Citi Bike

A web-based application, BizPlaced is the perfect placemaking solution for planners!

BizPlaced. leverages the value created within BIDs through a placemaking framework that employs the concept of tactical urbanism and equal+complete streets.

BizPlaced has two main components — (1) a visualization dashboard that shows BID insights: i.e. foot traffic data…

This story features a network analysis, looking into the connectivity between start (origin) and end (destination) of Citi Bike stations. …

Are you curious to know about the NYC 311 data?

This article will be showcasing some breakdowns of the most important findings in the NYC 311 entries from 2010 until 2020.

For context, the hotline, 311, serves the public and processes non-emergency complaints for both government and civic agencies. The…

According to German poet Goethe, “A better future is composed of expanded elements from the past”. Such could be the motto of Berkeley, an eclectic city that has, while retaining its origins, adapted to each decade. Founded in 1868, the city of Berkeley was built around the prestigious University…

The infographic depicts succinct information about the startup culture in Berkeley. As part of the Bay Area, the infographic highlights the startup activity and its development. It gives a brief insight to the startup ecosystem in Berkeley. This will be useful in the tech component of our final project, with the theme Counterculture vs. Technology in Berkeley.

Information Sources: AngelList, Sutardja Center, LAUNCH by UC Berkeley

Disclaimer: If the track won’t load in this Medium post, please log-in through SoundCloud to access this track, and it might be better to directly scroll through the track itself at anytime since it takes long for the track to buffer and load if you click play to start…

Completed the FIRST ROW of the Photo Scavenger Hunt Bingo Challenge!


  1. As I was going down the stairs, I took a picture to depict the bird’s eye view.
  2. Taken in a balcony, overlooking a residential complex.

Joyce enjoys architecture and design, and this portrait shows how she naturally likes being surrounded by buildings and structures.

As the photographer, I was trying to depict how the subject is happy being in the space she occupies, and paint her personality, character and interests through the portrait.

Why Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time (*)

About the piece:

The piece is about Serena Williams, and why she is regarded as ‘one of the greatest tennis players of all time. The text is accompanied by multimedia to aid explanation and foster interaction with readers.

Information about the background of the data used in the article.

Why I like it:

Sherry Te

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